There’s you

There’s a glance—
a flitting fleeting caress of a look
something sideways and silky smooth
challenging and warm
delivered out from under lashes so thick…
there’s a glance.

There’s a smile—
a curving upward tilt of your lips
a secret knowing laughing movement
hinting at words unsaid thoughts unspoken
containing in them a thousand stories and dreams…
there’s a smile.

There’s a turn—
the way you bring to bear the devastating force of your attention
sometimes with the smallest motion of your head
at others with the action of your entire body
brighter than the sun and warmer than a fire on a winter’s night…
there’s a turn.

There’s a voice—
a sweet song of liquid notes
music like wind chimes in the rain
at times teasing and at others merry
arch and amused as it playfully bedevils my senses…
there’s a voice.

There’s a thought—
a roguish impish thing that dances in my intellect
a sensuous purr that rumbles through my brain when I least expect it
delighted and breathless as it sweeps me away
stirring in my soul…
there’s a thought in my mind of you.

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