When I used to live at home,
my cat would wake me in the morning,
by sitting on my chest and staring at me,
saying with her eyes that she wanted to play.
You’ve got the same look in your eyes now,
crouched above me,
straddling my chest.
You want to play too.

There’s something enormously appealing,
about the way you’re smiling at me,
with your eyes all a-sparkle,
and your tousled hair framing your face like a corona.
You have this warm, healthy, sensuous glow about you,
made all the more intense,
by the heat rolling off of our bodies.
You look and feel incredible.

We’ve been playing for a while now.
It started with a little kissing,
a little touching,
a little exploring.
Bit by bit in logical sequence,
we undressed each other,
pausing now and again to kiss this and touch that.
Before too long we were naked,
soft skin sliding gently against soft skin,
glistening perspiration mixing together in the interplay of our bodies.
Now you’re looking at me from above,
stars brightly shining in your eyes,
roses warmly glowing in your breasts,
the scent of a healthy, happy woman,
lightly teasing my nostrils,
your body beckoning,
your smile promising,
your lips demanding.

You are so beautiful to me.
Not like one of those plastic prom princesses,
but like the earth is beautiful,
or like a doe is beautiful,
when caught unawares in the forest.
I could lose myself in your eyes,
and bask in the warmth of your being,

You drift above me for only a moment,
before the rhythmic pulse of our love-making,
the frenzied crash of our bodies,
drives you sweetly and fiercely down upon me again.
There are supposedly so many bones,
and so many joints in the human body,
which should allow only so much movement.
But lying here together we defy that all,
and find ourselves curling softly around each other.
We flow together like two parts of a liquid whole,
finding the complementary parts,
for our own beings in the other person’s.
You kiss my ear and I lose all control.
I call you “Mine” and you melt in my arms.

We touch,
we look,
we explore,
we discover,
we find joy in each other’s bodies.

We search,
we find,
we wander,
we wonder,
we find strength in each other’s souls.

We experience a meeting of minds,
a passionate joining of bodies,
and we wile away the night,
making love like it was the first time.

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